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My alternative therapy treatments are designed to boost your immunity, improve your mood, and increase your general health. With my help, you’ll enjoy a return to former glory.

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About Spencer West

Ultimate Health is a kinesiology clinic that provides alternative therapies across Upminster, Essex. Professional and friendly, I offer a unique service at truly competitive rates. The assistance I provide is tailored the needs of each individual client. I’m accredited by the Association of Systematic Kinesiology, which licenses me to carry out this holistic therapy and make you feel great!

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We’ve all suffered with structural issues, aches, and pains from time to time. These occurrences are best described as our body speaking to us, and letting us know that it needs a little assistance. Kinesiology uses the language of muscle testing and structural correction to discover the needs of the body, before making the appropriate changes.

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Occasionally, you may become deficient in certain minerals and vitamins – especially when you’re not eating healthily, or are stressed. I’ll use a range of specially selected, ultra-pure vitamins and supplements to help you feel fighting fit.

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Stress is a common experience for everyone – perhaps it’s a sign of the times. I’ve found that identifying the root cause of stress is a fantastic starting point, and can be a healing process in its own right. Kinesiology can provide instant results in this regard, creating a dialogue between emotions, the practitioner, and the client.

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