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Discover Effective Alternative Therapies in Upminster, Essex

Turn to Ultimate Health for first-rate alternative therapies, including lymphatic massage. Based in Upminster, Essex, I draw upon more than 5 years of experience to deliver incredible treatments that relieve pain and improve your general health.

Contact me today, in Upminster, Essex, to arrange alternative therapy including lymphatic massage.

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Your First Treatment

During your first treatment session, you’ll receive an in-depth consultation. By learning your history, I’ll be better-placed to find the root cause of your problems.

muscle treatment


As a fully qualified kinesiologist, I will conduct muscle testing. Reading your body’s own language, I will judge where changes may be made and ascertain which areas need specific, focused assistance.

lymphatic massage

Lymphatic Massage

During your treatment, I will massage certain lymphatic points and acupuncture meridians to stimulate your body’s natural healing process.

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Treatment Recommendations

At Ultimate Health, I believe that half of my treatments’ effectiveness is down to you. Once your treatment is over, I will make recommendations design to accelerate the healing process.

Follow-up Treatments

Follow-up treatments may include:

  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Diet Modifications
  • Injury Release and Flexibility Improvements – Helping to Reduce Physical Ailments
  • Confidence, Clarity, and Motivation Improvements – Using Emotional Techniques
  • Physical Corrections – Using a Vast Array of Structural Balancing Techniques

Supreme Healing

With the correct combination of techniques, I’m able to make you a more self-fulfilled person. I also help to build your immune system and stimulate your own inner power, ensuring that you avoid colds, illnesses, and physical ailments in the years to come.

Weight Loss, Detoxing, and Diets

Kinesiology will help you to lose the weight you have been battling with. Get in touch today to detox your body safely and kick the fad diets.

Digestive Support

I specialise in digestive health. I have a large number of techniques to ensure that you are on the right path to perfect, irritable-bowel-syndrome-free digestive health.

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