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“Anyone thinking of kinesiology should go and see Spencer! “Doctor Spencer! – Licensed to Heal!”
Zaki Masood

Useful Session

“I had a very useful session to find out the nutrition that my body and baby needed during my pregnancy. I would recommend it to any pregnant lady. During my recent check-up, I was told that my iron and calcium levels are good. This is thanks to the supplement that Spencer advised me to take.”
Lisa Chong

Stress? What Stress?

“I had been having a stressful time at work. It seemed like the world was against me. My stomach was in knots on a daily basis. After a visit to Spencer, a little bit of work, and the right supplements, I felt ready to take on the world. Stress? What stress? I highly recommend Spencer and his treatments.”
Gary Lucas

“Spencer has always steered me in the right direction with any health issues ever since he miraculously cured a chesty cough just by touch. He has a very calming approach and you can really feel his positivity when you’re in the room with him. Amazing human being.”

Richard Hutson

“Spencer picked up on a surprising amount of issues that I thought weren't linked. It was as if he helped me put the pieces together to understand the whole picture of why certain aliments were turning up. He give me a clear concise plan of action and followed up to see how I was getting on, it's rare to see this much care and attention to detail. My life gets really busy however I want to stop by and check in with Spencer from time to time to help keep me balanced and healthy.”

Nigel Gosling

Personal Trainer, London

“I can not recommend Spencer enough. His advice, support and help were invaluable to my recovery when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. His treatments identified the supplements that my body needed, I felt energised and emotionally lighter also after each treatment. I would recommend a visit even if you have no current ailments as it really is a positive experience and would certainly help to prevent future health issues.”

Sally Rockenbach

“Spencer's treatment and recommended supplementation quickly took me from regularly experiencing nervous tension in my body to a state of feeling expansive, calm, grounded and confident - he is a skilled and intuitive practitioner working on many levels and I'd highly recommend his services. I was getting seriously run down with frequent colds, one treatment with nutritional advice and no more sickness!”

Jack Waspe

“I've had kinesiology with ultimate health and it completely cured my back pain from a dislocated coccyx! Something the doctors told me they couldn't do anything about. Highly recommended!”

Cary-Anne Hornsey

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